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Multi Residential Projects

multi residentialWe put Multi Res in the commercial side of our company because that’s the way we treat such projects, Multi res is different to new homes and needs a different understanding of Work Place Health & Safety, Contractual arrangements, Scheduling, Ordering, Deliveries etc.

Tropic Roofing is experienced at Multi Residential developments and feels quite at home delivering the service that builders demand in such an environment.

From High Rise units such as Kensington Apartments RCQ to Government unit developments such as Beatrice St Units RCQ & Chandler St Units Phoenix Constructions.

We also provide an onsite Company presence at all times on jobs worth over $200,000.

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0439 711 091
ABN: 65 605 605 427
QBCC Licence: 1310510


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Residential & Commercial Roofing Townsville

Fully QBCC licensed and insured we offer the full re-roofing package for the owner or Insurance builder.

Tropic Roofing Townsville specializes in re-roof's & roofing repairs, all Tropic Roofing re-roofs include full batten and rafter upgrades to current cyclonic standards and only the best in materials used from BHP Steel. With independent certification of roof frame before the roof goes on, you will have peace of mind that a Tropic Roofing Re-roof is done right the first time for the right price!

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